Engineering Insurance

We are ready to help you find the right engineering insurance you need to protect your business and reputation in the face of a broad range of risks.

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Manufacturers Insurance

No two manufacturing businesses are the same, but all typically face an unusually broad range of risks.

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Printers Insurance

As an insurance broker we are here to help you keep your business moving should things go wrong, with affordable printers insurance that’s quick and easy to buy.

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Warehouse and Storage Insurance

We are here to make finding the right warehouse and storage insurance for your business as easy as 1, 2, 3. As a broker we can tailor every policy to your individual needs.

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Wholesalers Insurance

Whether your wholesale business is a specialist – from fashion to food, and furniture to plumbing – or a multi-sector distributor, we can help you find tailored insurance cover quickly.

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Insurance for Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Smei offers a range of insurance products to meet the specific needs of manufacturing, wholesale, engineering, warehousing and storage, and printing businesses – all of which can be closely tailored to your individual needs.


Manufacturers Insurance

We will help you arrange the specialist manufacturers insurance you need to defend your business against the unexpected – quickly, easily, and without fuss.


Wholesale Insurance

Work with us to access a range of wholesale insurance covers. We’ll make it easier to find the tailored cover you need, at the right price.


Engineering Insurance

Finding the right engineering insurance cover for your business needn’t be complicated or stressful. Let us help make finding the insurance you need as easy as possible.


Warehouse and Storage Insurance

As an insurance broker, we can protect your business, your staff, and your customers’ property from unforeseen incidents, with affordable wholesale and storage insurance that’s tailored for you.


Printers Insurance

Rely on us to help find the printers insurance you need to defend your business should things go wrong – we’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to.


The manufacturing and wholesale industries play a vital role in the UK economy. Together around 900,000[1] manufacturing, wholesale, engineering, warehousing and storage, and printing firms employ more than eight million people[2].

Although every business is different, from size and location to the specific sub-sector of the industry it operates in, all face a broad range of risks. Premises and vital machinery or equipment must be protected, while relatively hazardous environments create risks to both staff and visitors.

It is the responsibility of owners and managers to mitigate these risks, to help defend their businesses, and their people against unexpected incidents.


Why Insurance is Important for the Manufacturing and Wholesale Industries

Regardless of the manufacturing or wholesale sector your business operates in, it is vital to understand the risks you face and prepare for them.

We offer tailored protection for manufacturing, wholesale, engineering, warehousing and storage, and printing businesses. As an insurance broker we will work with you to identify the insurance you need, as well as making clear if any specialist aspects of your business fall outside of that cover.

Business insurance covers a range of risks that can affect the manufacturing and wholesale industries including, public liability, employers liability, and product liability. Then there are additional covers that you may need, like buildings and contents cover, and business interruption. In a situation where fire has caused damage to your building and disrupted the normal running of your business, business interruption can step in to cover your loss of earnings until repairs are complete and everything is back to normal.

You may also want to cover vital equipment against damage or breakdown, and the product you make or store – even while they are in transit.

We're passionate about protecting these vital industries. So, no matter whether yours is a manufacturing, wholesale, engineering, warehousing and storage, or printing business, speak to an insurance expert about taking out the level of cover you need to protect your business, staff, and livelihood should the unforeseen happen.


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* We randomly surveyed 88 policyholders (3.84%) who obtained cover through us between December 2017 and June 2018. 97% made a financial saving by moving to smei, with an average saving of 23.97%. This data excludes commercial and residential insurance for landlords.

[1] Sum of available figures from

[2] Sum of available figures from

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