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Insurance for Tattoo Artists

The UK is the most tattooed nation in the world. An estimated one in three young adults has at least one tattoo, according to Inkably[1]. As a tattoo artist performing one of the oldest art forms known to man, we know you're skilled in creating unique, intricate and exciting designs.

But even the most skilled and experienced tattooists can make mistakes, and accidents can happen. There are also many risks concerning your clients’ safety. What happens when a tattoo leads to an infection or when a client is unhappy with the result and decides to sue? Whether you own your tattoo studio or work as a freelance tattoo artist, it's essential to have the right tattoo insurance to protect yourself and your business.

Tattoo artist insurance will protect your reputation and livelihood, and you won't be left out of pocket if you need to make or defend a claim.

Here at smei, we can arrange cover that protects your tattoo business, so you can focus on inking your clients. We have a panel of carefully selected leading UK insurers that offer flexible tattooing insurance products that can be adapted to fit your specific business requirements.

Tattoo Liability Insurance

With the right professional insurance, you can relax and confidently tattoo your clients safe in the knowledge our tattoo artist insurance cover includes:

  • Medical malpractice.
  • Professional indemnity.
  • Public and general liability.
  • Product liability.
  • Loss of documents.
  • Breach of professional confidentiality.
  • Libel and slander.

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Other Types of Tattoo Business Insurance

Business equipment - as a tattooist, you rely on your equipment. Imagine the impact on your business if it was damaged or stolen, leaving you unable to work.

Employers liability - if you employ staff for your tattoo business, you're legally required to have employer liability insurance. This insurance protects you and your staff if they are injured at work or make a claim for damages.

Business interruption - adding this cover to your policy covers you for additional expenses or loss of profit if you are unable to trade as a result of an insured event.

Tattoo shop business insurance - suppose your shop was broken into and your equipment was stolen. Having contents insurance will enable you to replace the missing items quickly and continue to trade as normal.

Public liability insurance - accidents can happen, but this insurance covers physical and property damage claims if they result in injury or illness to your client or damage to their property.

Why is Tattoo Artist Insurance Important?

As a tattoo artist, you'll need specialist tattoo insurance that protects against the risks you face. If a client makes a claim of injury or infection against you, any legal fees to defend your case will be covered and any compensation awarded.

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91% of our customers would recommend our service

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You Could Save Over 20%*