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Cafe Insurance

Join our family of café, coffee shop and tea room owners who have comprehensive coffee shop insurance cover at a competitive price.

Insurance for Cafés, Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms

Café businesses vary greatly, from tearooms and coffee shops to bistros and that British institution, “the greasy spoon”. But whatever type of café business you run, you always carry a number of risks and challenges, so you need comprehensive café insurance to protect you, your customers, and your reputation.

We can arrange a customised café insurance policy that covers your needs and fits your unique requirements.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Premiums from as little as £461.***
  • Quotes from a panel of A-rated insurers.
  • Single, flexible policy – tailor-made to suit your requirements.
  • Dedicated adviser to support you throughout your policy.
  • No mid-term amendment fees should you need to make a change.
  • Access to a 24-hour legal helpline.
  • Flexible payment options including direct debit.
  • Access to documents anytime, anywhere via our secure portal.

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Premiums from as little as:



In the last 12 months our customers have paid as little as £461 per annum for café and coffee shop insurance. That’s just £9 per week!

50% of our café and coffee shop customers paid less than £1,055 per annum.***

What Type of Café Insurance do you Need?

Even the smallest of cafés or tea rooms can face risks when it comes to health and safety. This is why it’s just as important for these smaller, perhaps more independent businesses to understand the importance of taking out business insurance, as well as the larger establishments.

But what kind of things should you keep in mind when it comes to café insurance or tea room insurance cover?

Public liability and employers liability insurance

As a café owner, you’re responsible for the welfare of your customers, employees, and suppliers. So it’s essential to have adequate public liability and employers liability insurance in case anyone is injured or falls ill as a result of being at your café.

Other types of business insurance policies you should consider are:

Product liability insurance

Product liability is another essential cover as a safeguard should somebody suffer food poisoning.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption provides financial protection should an insured event such as a fire or flood prevent you from trading for a period of time.

Equipment breakdown cover

To ensure those costly machines and other business equipment vital to your business can be replaced or repaired should they fail.

Contents and stock insurance

You’re not legally obliged to take out contents and stock insurance but it may give you peace of mind. For example, imagine if you have extra stock on your premises for a large event you’re catering for and your freezer breaks down, ruining all your stock. The right policy will mean you’re able to rebuy supplies in no time.

Personal accident insurance

Small business owners are often self-employed so having cover for any accidents and injuries that leave you unable to work may be vital to protect your cash-flow.

Additionally, other optional insurance can cover things like your building and equipment, goods in transit, as well as financial cover for any money held at your premises, and cover for any improvements you make to the property if you are a tenant.

Taking time out from running your own business can be difficult. This is why you should contact an expert in business insurance to talk you through the important things you need to consider. It’s their job to help make sure that your livelihood is well protected.

Our flexible approach to tailor-made policies and our ability to arrange non-standard risks means we may be able to provide cover for risks that some insurers deem too risky. These can include: flat-roofed premises, start-up businesses, and premises that have suffered previous claims due to fire or flood.


What's Insured?

* Please click here to view our pricing disclaimer.

** Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

*** Data compared from 323 policies sold in 2023. 76 customers paid £461 or less, which represents 24%. £9 per week is based on the annual premium divided by 52 weeks. However, paying monthly is usually more expensive as you'll pay interest. Amounts are rounded up or down to the nearest £1.  

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Frequently asked questions

Café and coffee shop insurance costs can vary depending on the level of cover you need. For example, you will usually need standard covers like employers liability if you have staff and public liability should your customers have an accident. But if you also have a larger coffee machine that would be expensive to replace, you're likely to need extra cover.

Café public liability insurance typically covers you just in case a customer slips, falls, or suffers another injury whilst eating at your tearoom or café. If you have staff, it's also a legal requirement to have employers liability insurance to protect you and your employees if they’re injured or fall ill as a result of the work they do for you.

These covers are designed to pay for any compensation, plus legal costs if an employee or customer brings a claim against you.

The exact insurance you’ll need depends on a number of factors. We recommend speaking to a specialist broker who can assess your needs and arrange a tailored policy based on your requirements.

There are a number of risks that may affect cafés and coffee shops. Business insurance is an essential aspect of protecting your café business. The specific types of insurance you need for your café may vary depending on factors such as your location, size, and the services you offer. Here are some common types of insurance coverage to consider:

  • Public, products and employers liability insurance are often considered the most common. You may wish to also consider buildings and contents insurance to cover damage to your café's building and its contents, including equipment, inventory, and furnishings. This is crucial in case of fire, theft, or natural disasters.
  • If your café serves alcoholic beverages, you may want cover for Loss of Liquor Licence. This will cover the costs and expenses incurred appealing the loss of licence with your Local Authority.
  • Cyber liability insurance is also becoming key in this digital age to protect customer information. Cyber liability insurance can help cover the costs associated with data breaches or cyber-attacks that compromise customer data.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance can help with repair or replacement costs if essential equipment in your café, like ovens or refrigerators, break down.

Quotes from well-known and specialist insurers, including:

You Could Save Over 30%*