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Bakery & Bakers Insurance

Whether you’re a home baker or own your own bakery, our specialist insurance helps you keep your business running.

Why Does My Bakery Need Insurance?

Bakery insurance financially protects your business in the event of an accident like a fire or intentional malicious damage. It also protects your equipment, stock, customers, and staff members too. In a nutshell, bakery insurance is an essential part of running your business.

What Does Bakery Insurance Cover?

Every bakers insurance policy includes public liability, buildings & contents, employers liability, and product liability cover. This cover protects you against common (and uncommon) accidents as well as malicious damage.

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Premiums from as little as



In the last 12 months our customers have paid as little as £721 per annum for bakery insurance. That’s just £14 per week!

50% of our bakery customers paid less than £1,939 per annum.***

Why Bakers Insurance is Important

Bakeries, much like any other food production businesses, can prove to be high risk environments to work in. Your staff will often need to use expensive pieces of equipment in order to produce all of those baked delights for customers to enjoy. You are also creating food items which are to be sold to the general public, which in itself is another risk area for your business. To help safeguard your business, you will have to adhere to certain health and safety measures however in certain circumstances you will also need to have employers liability cover to protect you by law.

These are just a couple of reasons why it is important for bakeries, whether a small independent outlet or a larger named chain to consider the level of insurance cover that they have in place. In order to be protected correctly, you should talk to an expert about the more specialist policies that you can arrange for your business. These can include cover for your equipment and of course, the products that you sell.  

About the Baking Industry

Bakeries have been popular for hundreds of years, whether it is to buy some freshly baked bread, grab a sandwich, hot savouries for lunch or to treat yourself to a fresh cream cake.

The trade itself can take years to master and a bakery can take time and dedication to run. However, if you ask a baker what keeps them going, they are likely to say that it is simply because they love what they do.

When you run any small business, you will have plenty to think about. However, no matter how busy you are, it is important to think about insurance and how best to protect the livelihood that you have worked so hard to create. But don’t forget help is at hand – by working with an insurance broker, they can help ease the pressure on you by helping you find the right insurance for your needs, and hopefully saving you precious time too.

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** Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

*** Data compared from 124 policies sold in 2023. 36 customers paid £721 or less, which represents 29%. £14 per week is based on the annual premium divided by 52 weeks. However, paying monthly is usually more expensive as you'll pay interest. Amounts are rounded up or down to the nearest £1.

Bakery and Bakers Insurance FAQs

As a business providing food to the public, you'll be adhering to the relevant health and safety and food production measures, but things can still go wrong. You need home baking public liability insurance to cover you if, for example, someone has an allergic reaction to your food and they make a claim against you. Public liability insurance isn't a legal requirement, but it can cover the costs of any compensation due and legal fees associated with claims.

If a customer somehow burns themselves on an oven or injures themselves in your bakery, public liability cover protects you from the financial implications.

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You Could Save Over 30%*