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Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Small Businesses

If you provide professional services, professional indemnity insurance protects you and your business if you're held responsible for delivering inadequate advice or services that cause a financial loss for your clients. Indemnity insurance can cover the legal costs incurred whilst defending a claim.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Access to 24-hour legal helpline.
  • Legal defence costs and compensation cover.
  • Affordable cover that suits you.
  • Expert advice to explain your cover.
  • On-hand support throughout the life of your policy.
  • We search the market on your behalf.
  • Access to wide network of insurers.

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What's Insured?

List is not exhaustive, please refer to your professional indemnity insurance policy documents for full details.

  • Cover for a financial loss caused by you or your employees’ error or negligence whilst carrying out work for your customers.
  • Unintentional breach of confidentiality — such as sharing sensitive customer information without permission.
  • Unintentional breach of copyright — like using an image on your website without permission.
  • Defamation and libel — such as making false comments about a competitor or customer that damage their reputation.
  • Choice of cover levels starting from £100,000.
  • Legal costs and expenses.
  • Compensation costs for court attendance.
  • Loss of documents.

What isn’t covered by professional indemnity insurance?

Public liability

While professional indemnity insurance covers you against financial loss your customers may face as a result of incorrect advice, it doesn't provide protection if a member of the public is injured as a result of your work. Public liability insurance covers you for any injury or damage to third parties.

Your property and equipment

You should consider tools and equipment cover for the cost of repair or replacement. This is helpful should you need to make a claim for loss or damage to your own property and equipment, as a result of your business activities or an accident.

Employers liability insurance

Professional indemnity insurance does not cover your employees’ accidents or injuries. In most cases, employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for anyone employing staff, including volunteers, and if you’re a limited company. However, professional indemnity insurance will provide cover for negligent advice given by your employees.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance FAQs

If you run a business where you provide advice, design or services, you will most likely need professional indemnity insurance. Even if it isn’t a requirement of your industry body, it is worth considering, as a claim against you could leave you seriously out of pocket.

Professional indemnity, often known as PI, is there to protect your business against legal costs and expenses incurred in your defence. If you’re alleged to have provided incorrect advice, service or design and your client is at a financial loss as a result, PI cover is there to protect you.

If you’re part of an industry body or have signed a contract for the work you’re due to carry out, there may be a minimum cover requirement. You should always check your contract to see if there is a minimum amount stipulated. The amount of cover you need depends on your type of business and how much it would cost to put the mistakes right should the worst happen.

Professional indemnity can also protect work you’ve done in the past so the amount of cover you need will depend on how established your business is and how much work you want to protect.

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