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Business Insurance

What is Business Insurance?

When you own your own business, whether it is a large corporate enterprise or a small start-up, business insurance is something that you should consider to protect your business’ assets in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. However, you might not be fully aware of the importance of a quality business insurance policy and what it can cover you for.

Some of the policies that you can take out may seem to cover standard aspects of running a business but may not necessarily be tailored to your specific business needs. It is therefore important to ensure you are fully protected should you ever need to make a claim. SME Insurance Services Ltd offers a range of insurance policies that can be tailored to the relevant risks within a business.

The types of policy that you can take out include public liability, products liability, employer’s liability and property owners’ liability, as well as policies that are more specific to your business or industry. The levels of insurance that you require and also the costs associated with your policy will relate to the size of your company, your requirements, the location of your business, and of course your business type.

Why Do You Need Business Insurance?

As a business, you may wonder whether or not you really need business insurance, especially when it can mean extra costs for you to pay out. However, business insurance is a vital way to protect your business, your investment, and of course the people you employ. Not having the right level of cover can be far more costly in the long run and dependent upon your circumstances, it may also be a compulsory regulatory or legal requirement.

Business insurance can provide protection for both you and your customers.

Some important things to consider when it comes to taking out business insurance are that it is relevant to your needs and that you are not under-insured. Ensure that you speak to a professional company that can advise you on the level of cover that you need. An insurance broker should be able to help find a policy that fully protects you and your business and will aim to get you a great deal in the process.

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Insurance for Business

Contractor Insurance

Contractor insurance – Protect your business with competitive, bespoke cover for UK contractors. Get a quote today!

Event Insurance

Events come in all shapes and sizes and so do our flexible event organiser insurance policies

Freelancers Insurance

As every freelancer or self-employed worker knows, time is precious, so let us help make finding the insurance you need to protect your livelihood as easy as possible.

Hotels and B&Bs Insurance

We have access to a panel of UK insurers and are able to build a policy that is tailor made to suit the requirements of your hotel or B&B.

Manufacturing and Wholesale Insurance

smei offers a range of insurance products to meet the specific needs of manufacturing, wholesale, engineering, warehousing and storage, and printing businesses – all of which can be closely tailored to your individual needs.

Office and Surgery Insurance

As a broker we offer a range of insurance products to meet the needs of offices, surgeries, and pharmacies – and each can be closely tailored to individual needs.

Pet Carers Insurance

At smei we will search a broad range of insurance products that meet the needs of a range of pet care and boarding providers – catteries and kennels insurance – and all can be tailored to individual needs.

Photography Insurance

Whether you run a photography business, or you’re a freelance photographer, we can find the cover to suit you.

Removals Insurance

Get great value removals insurance to protect your business.

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