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Pet Carers Insurance

Join our family of pet carers and pet care businesses who get comprehensive pet business insurance cover at a competitive price.

Insurance for Pet Carers

Regardless of the pet care or boarding sector your business is in, it is important to understand the risks to your pet care business, staff and customers, and prepare for them. Pet carer insurance is specifically designed to help protect your pet care business, your finances, and your customers’ pets should things go wrong.

Our pet carers insurance offers tailored protection for your dog walking business or pet sitting business, as well as dog walkers and groomers. One of our expert brokers will help you to work out the insurance you need, as well as making clear if any aspects of your business fall outside of that cover.

A pet sitting insurance policy can cover a range of risks that can affect the pet care industries including: public liability, employers liability, and product liability. Then there are additional covers that you may need, like buildings and contents cover, and business interruption. If, for instance, a fire damages your building and disrupts the normal running of your business, business interruption can help to cover lost earnings until everything is back to normal.

You may also want to cover stock or equipment theft, loss or damage, while pet care cover can also protect against illness or injury befalling pets in your care, and even help cover the cost of finding lost animals.

Key features and benefits

  • Quotes from a panel of A-rated insurers.
  • Single, flexible policy — tailor-made to suit your requirements.
  • Dedicated adviser throughout your policy.
  • No mid-term amendment fees should you need to make a change.
  • Up to £5 million for public and product liability.
  • Access to a 24-hour legal helpline.
  • Flexible payment options including direct debit.
  • Access to documents anytime, anywhere via our secure portal.

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Our Pet Carers Insurance Cover

We can provide specific policies for: pet sitter insurance, dog walker insurance, pet boarding insurance, cattery insurance, and kennel insurance.

What Kind of Pet Carers Insurance do You Need?

The right insurance can provide cover for property damage, lost earnings, customer injuries, legal defence costs, equipment cover, and more.

  • Public liability – This will cover you if a customer suffers damage to their personal property or one of their pets has an accident on your premises.
  • Products liability – If you sell pet care items as part of your business, this cover can provide protection if one of your products causes harm or damage to your customers and their pets.
  • Employers liability – You are legally required to have this cover this if you employ any staff, and to can provide protection if they make a claim against you for illness, injury or damage to personal property.
  • Treatment liability – This can cover you if a treatment you provide results in illness or injury to the animals in your care.
  • Care, custody and control – This covers loss by theft, loss or death of an animal in your care. Some policies also include rewards costs.
  • Non-negligence – Covers injury to an animal in your care but not due to your negligence.
  • Buildings insurance – This can cover your business premises against fire, flood, and other kinds of damage to cover the repair costs.
  • Business interruption – This can provide cover and funding if your business has to stop running and you can't trade.
  • Personal accident insurance – Can cover your income if you're unable to work following injury or illness.
  • Legal expenses – If you need legal help in combatting a claim, you can get help to cover the legal costs.
  • Business equipment insurance – Cover for your equipment against theft, loss and accidental damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pet carers insurance is a type of protection specifically for pet caring businesses who care for pets such as dogs and cats. Some people may refer to it as pet care insurance or pet sitting insurance.

Our insurance solutions are for pet-related businesses rather than health insurance for pets.

We advise that all businesses should protect themselves with adequate insurance; a dog carers business is no different. It’s important to speak to a specialist insurance broker that truly understands your industry. Specialist brokers often have access to specialist products that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

No, provided you disclose your full business activities when discussing your requirements with your broker, and these are accepted by your insurer, you will not require a separate insurance policy for dog walking.

Animals registered under The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 & The Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 are usually excluded by insurers. Dogs under the age of eight weeks old are typically excluded from cover as well.

If the dog bites a member of the public whilst in your control this would fall under your public liability insurance. If an employee is bitten this would be covered under your employers liability insurance. However, if you are bitten a standard package insurance may not cover you for your own loss of earnings and would need to purchase personal accident.