What does it take to make a success of an authentic, Neapolitan coffee shop in the heart of Lancashire?

Posted 11/04/19

Claire, co-owner of Delliponti Caffe Italiano in Barrowford, Lancashire gave us the low-down over a delicious Italian espresso.

Early in 2018, Claire and her partner, Matteo Delliponti were both working in the high-end motor industry – but change was in the air. Drawing inspiration from the Delliponti family business in Naples, they dreamed of bringing a little slice of Italy to Barrowford Lancashire by opening an authentic Neapolitan caffe.

“In the end, you just have to ask what’s stopping you,” Claire said. “We both wanted a change of career so why not do something we’re both passionate about, that we know we’d commit to and put the hours in to make it a success?”

That is how Delliponti Caffe Italiano was born; and it is the real deal. An Italian coffee house with a modern twist, but serving only the very finest Italian coffee complemented by a really special selection of authentic Italian cakes, pastries and savouries.

“The Italians take coffee and cake very seriously,” Claire explained. “It’s about quality not quantity, with incredible coffee ideally accompanied by a little slice of something sweet and delicious. That’s the experience we wanted to bring to Barrowford.”

Twelve months later, Delliponti Caffe had already established itself as a firm favourite with the locals, the sheer quality of the coffee and cake, and the friendly service driving the business from strength to strength. One glowing customer review amongst many said it all: “Quite literally the best coffee I’ve enjoyed outside of San Marco square in Venice. These guys have truly managed to recreate the fantastic Italian coffee flavour you can only get in Italy.

“That’s the kind of review that makes it all worthwhile,” Claire said. “Because make no mistake, realising our dream has been hard, hard work. We work longer hours now, and not just when we are open. To maintain these standards, you have to be a perfectionist and that means lots of prep time, lots of time researching and buying stock, and all the paperwork too.

“But we wouldn’t go back. We love what we do now and the rewards can’t be measured in a salary alone.”

The cafe is their lives’ centre of gravity now, and something Claire is naturally keen to protect – not just through hard work, but with insurance too. “There are issues you can predict and avoid, and those you can’t – like break ins, power cuts, fires and so on. For me that is what business insurance is for. To protect us from the unexpected so we can concentrate on making sure our customers always get a slice of Italian hospitality and leave happy.”

You can follow Delliponti Caffe in the following ways:

Facebook - www.facebook.com/Delliponti-Caffe-Italiano

Instagram - @delliponticaffe

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