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Pet Groomer Insurance

We can help you make finding the right pet groomer insurance as easy as 1, 2, 3. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is properly protected– your business, employees, customers, and their pets – quickly, easily and without fuss.


Why Insurance is Important for Pet Groomers

Pet groomer insurance is specifically designed to help protect your pet grooming business, your finances, and your customers’ pets should things go wrong.

It can help you recover if your premises are damaged by fire or flood - and help to cover lost earnings until everything is back to normal.

There are lots of risks to consider besides your property. If an employee or customer is injured or falls ill while on your premises, you could be held liable. That’s when your pet groomer insurance should step in, looking after your legal defence if necessary and covering any damages awarded against you.

Of course, your pet groomer insurance should also cover you for the worse eventualities – incidents affecting pets in your care.

About the Pet Grooming Industry

There can be little doubt that the pet grooming industry is booming. British pet owners spent

£7.16 billion on their animals in 2015, a figure that had grown by 25% since 2010[1]. There are plenty of customers too, with 49% of UK adults owning more than 20 million pets between them[2].

But, whether it’s a spot of “pet pampering” they want, or just a regular coat and nail clip, people want to know their treasured friends and companions are in safe hands. Pet owners want to be able to trust a groomer to take good care of their pets, and do a professional job.

So, it’s important to give owners peace of mind that their pets will be well looked after, happy and secure during their grooming treatment. Pet grooming insurance is important for the same reasons; offering that extra peace of mind that customers value. Of course, it is also there to protect pet groomers from the unexpected.

So, have a careful think about pet grooming insurance before buying ‒ ideally, get expert help you to work out the risks you need to cover, and find you the right insurance, at the right price.


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Find the right pet groomer insurance, at the right price – quickly and without fuss.  We’ll take on the job of working out the cover you need, finding quotes and ‒ when you’re ready – get everything set up for you. We’ll make the whole process as easy as 1, 2, 3, so you can get on with running your business.


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