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Laundrette and Dry Cleaners Insurance

Why Do You Need Dry Cleaner Insurance or Laundrette Insurance?

Dry cleaners' insurance protects your business against the unique challenges it faces on a daily basis. If an accident happens to your employees, customers, or their belongings, you could be liable.

Insurance protects your business in the event of an unexpected incident – it could be an accident, flood, or intentional malicious damage.

So whether you own multiple stores or just one single outlet, speak to an expert about the type of cover you need and we’ll arrange laundrette insurance that’s a perfect fit for your business.

You Could Save Over 30%*

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Premiums from as little as


In the last 12 months our customers have paid as little as £721 per annum for dry cleaners/laundrette insurance. That’s just £14 per week!

50% of our dry cleaners/laundrette customers paid less than £1,758 per annum.***

What Does Our Dry Cleaners and Laundrette Insurance Policy Cover?

As standard, our dry cleaners and laundrette insurance includes the most important covers which include the following:

Public Liability Cover

Public liability insurance protects your dry cleaners or launderette if a member of the public is injured, or their property is damaged because of your business. This is a particularly important cover as you deal with the public’s property on a daily basis.

Buildings and Contents Cover

Building and contents insurance protects the bricks and mortar of your shop as well as all the equipment inside too.

Employers' Liability Cover

If you have employees working for you, you need to have employers liability insurance by law. This protects you if your employees become injured or ill as a result of working for you.

What Are Our Laundrette Insurance Policy Options?

Our dry cleaners insurance and laundrette insurance policy options include both standard and optional covers. We can also help tailor your insurance policy to cover exactly what you need it to.

* Please click here to view our pricing disclaimer.

** Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

*** Data compared from 30 policies sold in 2023. 8 customers paid £721 or less which represents 27%. £14 per week is based on the annual premium divided by 52 weeks. However, paying monthly is usually more expensive as you'll pay interest. Amounts are rounded up or down to the nearest £1.

You Could Save Over 30%*