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Pet Boarding Insurance

We can help you find the pet boarding insurance cover you need to ensure your pet boarding business – and your customers’ much loved pets – are better protected against unexpected mishaps. In fact, we’ll make the whole process quick and easy for you.


Why Insurance is Important for Pet Boarding Businesses

Pet boarding insurance plays an important role in protecting your business, and your customers’ pets, if something should go awry.

It’s about peace of mind, defending your income, and looking after your reputation. For example, pet boarding insurance should help you to cope if you have business premises and they are damaged by a serious incident like fire or flood. It can even help replace lost income until everything is back to normal.

Similarly, pet sitting insurance or pet boarding insurance can protect you if you held liable for  injury or illness to an employee, customer or customer’s pet.

Crucially, your pet boarding insurance cover should also help protect your business should the worst happen – incidents affecting pets in your care.

About the Pet Boarding Industry

Just under 50% of UK’s adults own pets and the estimated total population of cats, dogs and rabbits is around 20 million[1], so it’s safe to assume there are lots of pet boarding providers too – there to step in and look after those pets while their owners are away.

The pet boarding industry has grown in recent years, with many pet owners feeling their pets would be happier either in their own home with a pet sitter or at a pet boarder’s home than they would be in a kennel, for instance. That’s down to individual preference of course, but many of the challenges for providers are the same.

Few owners would entrust their much loved pet to a boarder without knowing they can be relied on to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for their pets. So, it’s really important to give owners peace of mind that their pets will be well looked after, happy and healthy while with a boarder. Pet boarding insurance is important for the same reasons. It offers that extra protection that customers value and, naturally, is there to protect pet boarders from the unexpected too.

So, think carefully about your pet boarding insurance needs before you buy or, ideally, get advice – help to work out what cover you need and get help to find the right insurance, at the right price.


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