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Office Insurance

Why Office Insurance is Important

Office insurance is there to give you peace of mind by protecting you and your business against the unexpected.

It can help you to recover if a serious incident like fire or flood affects your office and its contents ‒ and helps keep things ticking over until your business is back up and running the way it was before.

In addition to your office insurance and office contents insurance, you may also want to consider other insurances to help protect you if you are held liable for injury or illness affecting an employee or a customer at the office, for example public or employee liability. Or cover for legal costs associated with claims against your professional advice, such as professional indemnity insurance.

Your office insurance can help protect you against any damage to your premises and contents, but your business may be exposed to wider risks too.

The office. It’s such a fixture of working life, so recognisable to many people that it even spawned its own sitcom.

High street offices are the lifeblood of towns and cities all over the country. Like yours, but not exactly the same, because office-based businesses come in all different shapes and sizes. No two are the same, which means most offices need flexible insurance that can be tailored to meet individual needs.So, it’s really important to think carefully about your office insurance needs before buying or, better still, get expert help and support to work out the risks you need to protect against, and find the right insurance, at the right price.

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Are you a solicitor, an accountant or a surveyor? It doesn’t matter what you do – if your business is office-based, as a broker we can help you find the insurance you need to keep it on the right track.

Standard Office Covers

  • Business interruption cover.

  • Legal cover.

  • Property in transit.

  • Traditional office cover.

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** Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

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