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Home Office Insurance

Running your Business from Home Needs Specialist Insurance

Running your business from home has many advantages. However, home working also presents risks, some of which are unlikely to be protected by your standard house insurance.

While home insurance will cover your buildings and contents should the unthinkable happen, business office insurance will offer valuable protection for your business tools and equipment when your business is home based.

But it's not just protecting your equipment you need to consider. Accidents happen, and without the right cover, the impact on your business could be devastating.

If you employ staff, you'll need employers liability—whether they're working from your home or based elsewhere. Do you have visitors to your home business, such as customers or suppliers, for example? In that case, public liability insurance will protect you against damage to your property, illness or injuries caused by your work.

Using domestic Wi-Fi connections can leave your business vulnerable to cybercrime. Suppose you collect or store customer, supplier, or employee data, including sensitive information such as bank details. In that case, you're exposed if your systems are hacked. These incidents can have severe consequences. Depending on the severity of the attack, costs can range from £1,400 to £2.48 million.1


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How our Home Office Insurance Experts can Help

Our team of experienced advisers will take the time to understand your requirements when running your business from home. Whether you're new to running an office from your home or have a well-established set-up, we'll work with you to arrange the right cover that protects you and your business.

Specialist advice

As a specialist broker, working with us differs from going directly to an insurer. You can expect excellent service – we are proud winners of the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2023. We provide expert, unbiased advice and all the help you need to find the right working from home cover at the right price.

Personal service

You'll have the expertise of a dedicated adviser who will arrange the right protection for you. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of making a claim, we'll be here to provide a proactive, reassuring claims service, every step of the way.

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What can Working from Home Insurance Cover?

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Employers liability cover

If you employ staff, you're legally required to have employers liability. This insurance protects you and your employees—full and part-time, self-employed contractors, apprentices and volunteers—if they are injured or fall ill due to the work they undertake for you.

Cover for your business equipment

If the tools you use for your work are damaged due to a flood or a fire, for example, or stolen following a burglary, this cover will help with the costs of replacing or repairing the kit. Your equipment will also be covered away from your office at home.

Cyber insurance

The impact of a cyberattack could be devastating for your business financially and from a reputational perspective. We have a range of comprehensive cyber solutions available, including more than just helping to resolve the "hacking" itself, but providing emergency response in the event of an incident.

Professional indemnity

Regardless of where your business is based, you could face legal action if a customer claims you haven't fulfilled your brief. Mistakes happen, but professional indemnity insurance will help cover the costs of fixing any reputational damage to your business and cover the legal costs of defending yourself.

Public liability

Suppose someone—a member of the public, a customer or a supplier—suffers an injury on your premises, or their property is damaged linked to your business activities. In that case, public liability insurance will cover the legal costs should you face a claim against your business.

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** Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

You Could Save Over 30%*