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Sole Trader Insurance

As a sole trader, your focus is on keeping your business running. Let us help find you the right sole trader insurance, so protecting your livelihood is as easy as possible.

We can talk through your needs and work out what cover you need, search our selection of insurers and provide you with sole trader insurance quotes. Then once you’re happy with a suitable policy, we will get your cover set up so you’re fully protected.

Your insurance needs as a sole trader, or self-employed contractor will vary depending on your industry, the sort of work you do, and where you run your business from. Whatever you do, we have a wide range of sole trader insurance covers available to choose from.

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Why Insurance is Important for Sole Traders and Self-Employed Professionals

Working as a sole trader or on a self-employed basis gives you the freedom to work the way you want, and when and where. But the freedom you gain from being your own boss means that you personally take on certain risks.

If something goes wrong, or you suffer a loss or theft, you have no one to cover your back, and you will be financially responsible. Could you afford to buy replacements out of your own pocket? If you’re temporarily unable to work or a customer accuses you of negligence and threatens legal action, how will you cover the expenses or compensation?

As you are solely responsible for these risks, the right sole trader insurance or self-employed insurance is vital. A sole trader insurance policy, tailored to your needs and yours alone, is a simple and effective way to protect against all these risks – so you can get on with running your sole trader enterprise, on your terms.

Get Sole Trader Insurance or Self-Employed Insurance

We will make light work of finding you the right sole trader insurance or self-employed insurance cover at the right price.

We know you’re busy, so we’ll provide you with advice and do the hard work of searching for the sole trader insurance you need, so you don’t have to. Contact us to get your sole trader insurance now.

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** Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

You Could Save Over 30%*