Veganuary Made Simple: Useful Hints, Tips and Hacks for new Vegans

By smei

Posted 01/01/18

tips for vegans

The number of vegans in the UK has risen dramatically over the last ten years [1]. The amount of people taking part in the annual campaign “Veganuary” is also on the rise, with 100,000 people expected to go vegan this January compared to just 1500 in 2014 [2].

Living as a vegan can take a while to get used to, but it needn’t be difficult or boring. With shops and restaurants fighting for the ever more lucrative vegan pound, there are more options available than ever [3]. Here are some tips for new vegans, flexitarians and anyone else wanting to reduce their meat and dairy intake.

Ensure you get Your Nutrients

Most of us get the majority of our nutrients from fish, meat and dairy [4]. When you start the vegan diet it’s important that you factor this in to your meal plan, and prepare as much as you can from scratch instead of relying on processed food. Include a source of protein in every meal, as well as incorporating ingredients that include the vitamins B12 (nutritional yeast and fortified cereal), omega-3 (flax seeds and cauliflower), iron (tomato puree, potatoes, and olives), calcium (fortified tofu and soya milk) and zinc (oatmeal and nuts) into your diet. It’s easy to find these in vegan foods if you use a wide variety of ingredients, which has the added benefit of keeping your meals interesting [4].

Hack Your Favourite Food

There are many ways to create vegan versions of your favourite meals. Love pizza? Grab some “accidentally vegan” pastry and cover it in tomato puree, vegan cheese and your favourite toppings. Like pulled pork? You can make a healthy, vegan version with jackfruit. You can even make a great substitute for Mac and Cheese using butternut squash [5]. Whatever your favourite meat or dairy-based meal is, there is likely to be a vegan alternative so have a look online and start experimenting.

Choosing the Right Milk

There are many different types of vegan milk available these days and it can be difficult to work out which one to use. Oat milk heats well and doesn’t curdle; which makes it a good choice for hot drinks and cooking whilst it is also a good source of iron and calcium [6]. Almond and coconut milk are sweeter which makes them a popular choice for smoothies, and coconut milk also works well in cooking as a substitute for cream [7]. And if it’s a bowl of cereal or a tall glass of the white stuff that you’re after, why not try a few different types and decide which one you prefer? 

Accidentally Vegan Snack Food

“Accidentally Vegan” refers to foods that just so happens to be vegan, but aren’t marketed as so. Some great examples of this include many popular biscuit brands, Turkish delight, some Prawn Cocktail and even meat flavoured crisps, and various flavours of instant noodles – check the label, you could be surprised!. There is a more in depth list here [8]

Be Prepared

Carrying a filling vegan snack with you such as a bag of nuts, a banana or something “accidentally vegan” could help you stick to your guns should something get in the way.  It’s so much easier to grab something from your bag than try to sort out a last minute vegan option if you’re detained somewhere unexpected or running late. It’s also a good tip to do your research if you’re going to be eating out at a restaurant – a lot of places will offer vegan options these days.

If you own a vegan store or veg shop, find out more about grocer and vegetable shop insurance.













Posted 01/01/18

Author: smei

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