The Use of Social Media for Businesses and the January Sales

By SME Insurance

Posted 18/01/17

Social media has come of age. It’s no longer a platform used purely for connecting with friends but is a powerful tool that businesses can utilise to engage with customers and drive sales. There are several things businesses can do to achieve these outcomes, so now is a great time to learn how social media can work in your favour.

The most obvious way businesses can use social media is as a platform to showcase products or services. Images are much more effective than text-only posts and can be highly engaging. In fact, posts with relevant imagery get 94% more views (1) than those without and are 40 times more likely (2) to be shared. So when it comes to promoting offers, you’ll definitely want to include photos of your discounted products.

This may seem an easy thing to do if you sell products but what do you do if your business is service based? Before and after photos work very well, people love transformations and it lets you show off your service and skill at the same time. Videos are also highly effective and shoppers who view a video are 1.81 times more likely (3) to make a purchase than non-viewers. This doesn’t mean your videos have to be complex, simple “how to” videos are a good place to start and YouTube is packed full of them for inspiration.

Displaying your products and services is one thing but may be a useless exercise if customers don’t take action. To help with this, make your contact details prominent, often in multiple places, so people can make the move from simply viewing your offerings to purchasing them. There are also lots of great online apps which allow customers to make a booking or purchase directly through your Facebook page. Shopify is an ecommerce system which can be fully integrated so customers can easily buy your products without having to leave your Facebook page. For bookings, apps such as Setmore Appointments make it easy for you to advertise opening hours and run an integrated booking system. Both of these tools make it as easy as possible for customers to access your product and can help to boost conversions especially when coupled with your great offers.

Finally, social media gives you the chance to provide exceptional customer service and engage on a personal level. 71% of consumers (4) who have a positive experience of social media customer service are likely to recommend to a friend. What’s more, a staggering 92% of customers (5) will leave one company for another due to bad service so it pays to engage online.

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Posted 18/01/17

Author: SME Insurance

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