Guide to Loyalty Cards and App Providers

Posted 15/06/17

Following on from our recent article ( about how loyalty schemes and apps could help your business grow, here is our guide to some of the providers that are currently available.

In today’s digital world many loyalty scheme providers are now offering smartphone apps to support traditional card-based methods. Your choice of provider may be determined by your customer base. For example, if the majority of your target audience is made up of younger, digitally-savvy people, an app-based rewards program may be your preferred choice. Alternatively if your customer base is older, a more traditional card-based system may be better suited.

We have focused on 12 providers that may be useful for small businesses:

  • Belly has over 12,000 businesses utilising their services* and provides clients with a customer-facing tablet. The tablet can be used for signing up customers, as well providing in-store marketing materials. The app offers business specific rewards which are distributed once a certain amount of points are achieved. Three different plans are available depending on your businesses requirements. Companies using Belly are also included in the mobile app so potential customers can search for you. 


  • Flok allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers via push notifications or interactive chat – for example the Flok beacon gives the option to message customers every time they visit the business. Flok can be as used as a simple punch card or as an end-to-end marketing platform. The dashboard connects to Facebook and email, and also allows the business to print out marketing posters. The success of the loyalty campaigns can be tracked via the apps reporting option. The app is popular with hair and beauty salons and allows customers to book their appointments online.


  • Stamp Me offers a loyalty card app and a communication platform, to encourage automatic engagement. iBeacon is used to send automatic messages to customers in store or walking by. The platform is able to run other campaigns such as a birthday club SMS, reviews, and feedback. Stamp Me feels like a traditional stamp but is operated by holding a phone over the Stamp Me device and the card is digitally stamped. Current customers include Subway, JustCuts, Pizza Hut, and the Crafted Coffee Company.


  • RepeatRewards sells itself as affordable and easy to use. A mobile app, social media integration, and online ordering services are available via the scheme. The system also offers a detailed reporting system and multiple user logins with various levels of admin access.


  • Swipii connects over 1,000 businesses with more than 1 million users**. The rewards programme can be displayed on the in-store iPad, supplied by Swipii. This supplier will provide cards or a digital app for your customers to sign up to. The account managers can provide email campaigns and real-time customer data and insights can be seen immediately.


  • Spring Rewards is a loyalty and marketing analytics platform that can connect to a consumer’s credit/debit card. When a customer swipes the card, the app tracks customer’s spend in real time, which can allow targeted messages to be sent with time sensitive rewards and incentives. 


  • OpenTable is a popular restaurant reservation site that also offers a dining rewards program. Points are collected after a reservation is made online which can be used for future dining rewards or an amazon gift card. 


  • Gourmetmiles is a loyalty app specifically for the restaurant trade. Every receipt can be scanned to accumulate Gourmetmiles which can be used as cash.


  • FiveStars provides a customisable app that customers sign up to whilst onsite, using a tablet. The app allows them to “check-in” on their phone during future visits. It sends customers reward messages via email and text, which are based on selected preferences. It can also send personalised messages, for example a birthday message with a promotion.


  • The Perka app allows customers to “check in” at your business and “stamp” a virtual loyalty card through their phone. The merchant can then see customer’s names, so that they can be personally greeted. There is also an option to offer private customer feedback, so that any complaints can be dealt with prior to them being aired on social media. The app can be used to offer incentives to customers for signing up such as a welcome bonus and rewards for repeat visits.


  • Spendgo is predominately aimed at the food and restaurant industry. It provides the business with a tablet so that customers can enter their details at the point of sale. Alternatively, customers can scan their receipt with their phone to redeem points. The app allows points to be awarded for purchases and additional rewards are sent once a specified spending threshold is reached.


  • Punchcard is a shopping app that allows customers to take a photo of their receipt and tag the business to earn a “punch”, which ultimately turns into rewards. Punchcard manage the rewards on offer which can include items such as gift cards and cinema tickets. By offering rewards that aren’t directly from your business, Punchcard are trying to remove the “hassle” of managing the rewards. Some of the marketing features allow businesses to search for and contact nearby shoppers, via message, in an attempt to tempt them into the business.


These are just a few of the loyalty apps that are available on the market and it is worth carrying out research before you commit to a particular one to make sure it is appropriate for your business and what you are trying to achieve.

It’s important for companies to actively attempt to win new customers and encourage repeat business. Loyalty marketing applications can be one way to accomplish this. According to a customer loyalty survey completed at TechnologyAdvice, people enrolled in customer loyalty programs are up to 82.4 percent more likely to shop at stores that offer similar programs. This strongly suggests that once customers buy in to the benefits of a loyalty system, they actively seek opportunities to use it. ***

Can one of these apps help you grow your business? It may be worth you looking into whether you may benefit from their services.








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