Interesting facts about Wales and its Rich Cultural History

By smei

Posted 01/03/18

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Happy St David’s Day or “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus” to all of our Welsh friends! Despite the disruptive weather, today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Wales and its rich culture and heritage. You can forget Storm Emma and enjoy St David’s Day without leaving the house by learning about Welsh heritage or cooking up one of these delicious national favourites!

Jazz up Your Cheese on Toast

If you’re one of the many people snowed in today then you’ll need a simple way to celebrate St David’s Day – and a plate of Welsh Rarebit may be the answer. This simple favourite is a twist on cheese on toast, click here for a popular recipe. 

Warm up With Lamb Cawl

Cawl is a traditional Welsh stew made from lamb, leeks, carrots, and other vegetables and is the perfect way to warm up in today’s weather! It’s a St David’s Day classic that is usually on the menu at restaurants and pubs throughout Wales, but there’s a great recipe here for those stuck indoors. Cawl dates back as far as the 14th century and is widely considered to be the National dish of Wales, even if Welsh Rarebit is better known to the outside world [1]!

Wales’ National Symbols

Although the origins are unclear, the relationship between the Welsh and its national symbol – the leek – has been a long one. Legend has it that St David had his army wear leeks in their helmets whilst fighting the Saxons to distinguish themselves from the enemy. It is also mentioned in a Shakespearean play, where a character explains the reason that he wears a leek as: “for I am Welsh, you know, good countryman.” [2] 

In comparison, daffodils, seen in the UK as little yellow trumpets announcing the start of spring, are a fairly recent addition as the national flower of Wales.  It’s thought that the reason for its national status is confusion, because the Welsh word for daffodil, Cenhinen Pedr, is so close to Cenhinen – the word for leek [3]. Many daffodils will spend today hidden under a blanket of snow, but luckily they’re hardy flowers and should survive [4].

Learn About Welsh Heritage – Awesome Facts About Wales

If you want to celebrate Welsh heritage without leaving the house, why not learn more about Wales’ history online? There are lots of resources online such as the Visit Wales website which will help you swot up on Welsh culture and impress your friends when you’re next able to leave the house! For example, did you know that:

  • Wales has more castles per square mile than any other European country [6].
  • The entrance to the coach yard of the Ye Old Bulls Head Inn pub, Beaumaris is the largest simple hinged door in Britain – standing at an incredible 13ft high and 11ft wide.
  • There was one pub for every five people living in Blackwood in 1842 – sounds like a dream [ 7]!
  • Spillers Record shop in Cardiff –established in 1894 – is the oldest record shop in the world [8]
  • The Law of Wales, first published in the 10th Century, was ahead of its time with descriptions of marriage as a contract that could be ended and instructions for shared custody of children [9]










Posted 01/03/18

Author: smei

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