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Is a perceived lack of government support preventing SMEs from hiring apprentices?

Are SMEs benefiting from this growth? We conducted a study with our clients to find out.

Posted 13/11/2017

How Restaurant, Bars and Cafes can Help Reduce the World’s Plastic Pollution

Of the billions of tonnes of plastic made since it came in to mass use in the mid-1900s only 9% has been recycled and 12% incinerated.

Posted 16/03/2018

Celebrating St Patrick's Day: Insider Tips and Unusual Facts

St Patrick's Day is a traditional Irish festival which celebrates the patron saint of the Emerald Isle. However, it’s not just celebrated in Ireland that you can celebrate – it is a global phenomenon.

Posted 16/03/2018

World Book Day Competition Winners

From fictional heroes, heroines, and animals to real life literary characters we were looking to find the best World Book Day 2018 outfits.

Posted 15/03/2018

SMEi Wins the Gold Standard for Exceptional Service for the Third Year Running

For the third year in a row, SME Insurance Services has won FEEFO’s Gold Standard Trusted Merchant Award.

Posted 02/03/2018

Interesting facts about Wales and its Rich Cultural History

Happy St David’s Day or “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus” to all of our Welsh friends! Despite the disruptive weather, today is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Wales and its rich culture and heritage.

Posted 01/03/2018

Could Your Business Survive a Disaster? How to Keep the Tills Ringing

Business Interruption: sometimes things happen outside of your control that could affect the running of your small business. So, how can you be best prepared if things goes wrong?

Posted 23/02/2018

Celebrating Pizza With These Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Takeaway

Did you know the first Bitcoin transaction was for a pizza, and it was sold for an amount that is now worth millions? Check out our interesting pizza facts

Posted 09/02/2018

How shops, restaurants, and other small businesses can avoid frozen pipes this winter

Frozen pipes can be a big problem for small businesses in chillier weather; especially if there are days when the premises will be empty.

Posted 02/02/2018

A Brief History of British Pubs

SMEi takes a look at some of the history behind Britain's most interesting pub, from London's Blind Beggar to The Eagle in Cambridge

Posted 19/01/2018

How will the card surcharge ban affect small businesses?

The UK Government is scrapping fees on credit and debit card transactions for consumers. What will this mean for small businesses?

Posted 11/01/2018
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