Curry Favour with New Customers

Posted 10/10/19

Over two hundred years ago, an Indian migrant by the name of Dean Mahomed opened Britain's first curry house. His vision was to cater for the nation’s increasing hunger for spicy food.

Sadly, two years later, the entrepreneur filed for bankruptcy, but the appetite for Indian cuisine lives on in our high streets, and it’s stronger than ever.

In fact, according to The NPD Group1, in April 2018, the takeaway delivery market was worth £4.2 billion. That's an increase of 73% over the last ten years with curry being one of the UK’s favourite foods for delivery. 

Once seen as the height of food fashion - thanks to Queen Victoria2 who employed Indian staff to prepare Indian food for her every day - by the beginning of the 20th Century, curry had somewhat lost its appeal.  It was deemed as not well-to-do to have a house that smelt of curry.    

It wasn’t until post World War II that we began to see the popular post-pub curry culture starting to emerge. Nowadays, Indian takeaways are a staple of many Brits’ lives, one of the most popular cuisines to enjoy from our sofas on a Saturday night is undeniably the beloved curry. In fact, during 7–13 October 2019 we will celebrate the 21st annual National Curry Week.  

What is National Curry Week?

National Curry Week was founded in 1998 by a journalist with a strong love of curry.  Peter Grove wanted to increase appreciation of the Indian restaurant industry, while also raising funds for charity.

So, how can You Embrace National Curry Week?

Host a Tasting Evening

Do you have regular customers who order their favourite dishes each time they visit? Why not hold a tasting session to encourage them to sample new options and broaden their menus?

Introduce New Recipes

Introduce a selection of special curries to celebrate the week. Offer free samples to customers and ask them to vote for their favourite – the most popular securing a permanent place on your menu.

Run a Promotion

If you currently charge for delivery, provide it for free on all orders throughout the week. If delivery is already free, adding complimentary side-orders with each order placed is an alternative option to consider.

Contribute to Curry for Change

National Curry Week supports the charity, Curry for Change that carries out essential work in rural regions throughout Asia and Africa; combatting malnourishment and poverty by providing communities with the means to grow their own food and giving access to vital information on nutrition and health.

Throughout the week, you might want to donate a % of your profits to the charity or a local charity of your choice.

However you celebrate National Curry Week, be sure to tell your local community in advance. Use your social media channels and create some tailored content to engage your followers. Examples include; polls, ‘what’s your favourite curry?’; Facebook Live, utilise this tool and give your followers an insight into what goes into making one of your specialities; and competitions, ‘tell us why we are your favourite Indian takeaway for a chance to win a meal for two’.

You can register your business on the website amongst the hundreds of participants, from traditional Indian street food to fine dining restaurants. Here you can also download lots of resources to support your promotions during the week.

Find out more here

Your fast-food business may be a thriving hot house offering delicious Indian gastronomic experiences, but it’s still important to take time to protect against risks and hazards. Comprehensive takeaway insurance gives you peace of mind, protecting you, your customers, and your reputation.

To find out more about our specialised takeaway insurance cover and restaurant insurance, or to obtain a quote for your business, contact smei today on 0330 134 4564.




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