Small Business and SME Guide: Make the Most of National Burger Day

Posted 22/08/19

Burger Fever Sizzling Across the UK

Patties of minced meat neatly packed together and fried, barbequed or flame-grilled, served in a bun, accompanied with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or relish, and topped with lettuce, tomato and onion. We are, of course, talking about the humble burger – or hamburger as originally known.

Burger fans up and down the country will be excited to know that 22 August is a day to celebrate this modest meal ‒ arguably known by some as the world’s greatest culinary creation. National Burger Day is the perfect opportunity to promote your freshly prepared burgers and burger meats.

There are various claims as to who created the first burger; theories include the Romans, the armies of Genghis Khan and even the Egyptians. Regardless of their origin, there’s no denying, these tasty meals are no longer viewed as a treat, not least with the introduction of the gastro-burger.

Research from Mintel1 reveals that as many as 45% of Brits would buy a burger in celebration of National Burger Day, rising to 58% of 16-34-year-olds.

In their 2016 research, as many as half of the consumers in Yorkshire and Humberside (50%), London and the North West (49%) and the West Midlands (48%) said they would buy a burger to mark the occasion.

According to Tolga Necar, Consumer Insight Director for Out of Home at Kantar Worldpanel2, “The UK spent a massive £2.6 billion on burgers in locations outside the home last year (2017), growing 7.7% on the previous year. We ate 690 million burgers last year – that’s a rate of 1.9 million a day, or 22 every second”.

So How Can You Embrace National Burger Day to Benefit Your Business?

Competing with supermarket chains is undoubtedly an ongoing challenge for some independent retailers like butchers; use this opportunity to appeal to customers whose focus is on quality local ingredients. If you’re offering artisan burgers, explain where your ingredients come from and which cuts of meat were used.

Spice up Your Range

One of the benefits of shopping local is enjoying freshly prepared food that hasn’t been mass-produced, so as well as the traditional burger, have some fun creating new speciality variations. Why not ask your customers for ideas and customise them to their tastes? You might be surprised by the response, there have been some interesting variations across the world, including a ‘Hot Fudge Burger’ made by topping a Black Angus beef burger with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce – each to their own, as they say.

Share your expertise on how to create the perfect burger and ask customers for their favourite recipes. If you have a social media account for your business – particularly Facebook ‒ post this content to encourage followers to engage with your business.

Run a Promotion

Of course if you own a restaurant, café or takeway then you are perfectly positioned to benefit from National Burger Day. Why not consider running a promotion such as ‘buy one, get one free’? Offering free samples or discounting certain products can all help to attract customers through the door, but be sure to advertise this ahead of the big day so shoppers are aware.

So, all that’s needed now is some sunshine to encourage people to bring out the barbecues. Sadly, that’s something we can’t rely on, but with the right planning and promotion, you can still enjoy a sizzling National Burger Day – come rain or shine.

Some Burger Facts3

The World's Biggest Burger

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest hamburger weighed 913.54 kg (2,014 lb) and was prepared by Black Bear Casino Resort, Minnesota, USA, in 2012. The hamburger was topped with 23.81 kg (52.5 lb) of tomatoes, 22.68 kg (50 lb) of lettuce, 27.22 kg (60 lb) of onion, 8.62 kg (19 lb) of pickles, 18.14 kg (40 lb) of cheese and 7.48 kg (16.5 lb) of bacon.

World’s Most Expensive Burger

Created by Dutch chef Diego Bulk, valued at a whopping $2,000, this burger was confirmed as the world’s priciest by Guinness World Records – it contained some of the most lavish ingredients you can buy, including lobster, caviar, foie gras, truffle and a gold leaf bun.


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  2. Kantar Worldpanel
  3. The Guinness World Records

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