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Business Continuity Planning For SMEs

Disaster can strike at any time, and no business is immune. Create a business continuity plan to keep your business running.

Posted 26/05/2022

How to Set-up a Medical Practice

Establishing any new business requires lots of planning and preparation if it is to be a success, so it’s important to think carefully about every aspect of your new medical practice before you start.

Posted 28/03/2022

How to Set-up a Veterinary Practice

Key considerations for starting a vet’s practice: choosing the right locations, planning finances, staff, equipment and vet practice insurance.

Posted 24/03/2022

Protecting Your Fish And Chip Shop Business

Owning a fish and chip shop can be rewarding and hard work, and doesn’t come without its challenges and risks. It’s essential to adopt the correct health and safety procedures to minimise these risks.

Posted 16/03/2022

Storm Eunice - Information for smei customers

We hope you all stay safe this weekend. If you have the misfortune to experience any damage and need to claim, please consult your policy paperwork for the relevant claims contact details.

Posted 18/02/2022

Can Changes Ahead Present Opportunities for Hair and Beauty Salons?

Imported goods used and sold in your salon will need to be declared and cleared by customs. Are delays to deliveries covered by your salon insurance?

Posted 17/02/2022

Brexit Brings Changes to SME Imports

Brexit has been front of mind for a few years now ─ but the start of 2022 meant significant changes started to take place on our borders.

Posted 30/01/2022

Let's Not Call Time - Insuring Your Pub

Now pubs are more than a place to meet for a drink. They are hubs of the local community, function rooms and more, so pub owners need to ensure their insurance is up-to-date and right for them.

Posted 12/01/2022
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