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How do you open a brand new hair salon, and establish it as a local favourite, with four full time hairdressers, in less than a year?

We caught up with Rebecca Knott, owner of Rebecca & Co in Barrowford, Lancashire, to hear the secrets behind her success

When Rebecca Knott opened the doors of her new salon, Rebecca & Co, in 2018 she was striking out on her own for the first time, spurred on by the chance to do something different to the other salons she had worked at for eight years.

“In the big salons, everything feels quite regimented,” she explained. “You feel like you have to ask every customer the same questions, have the same conversations. I wanted to be my own boss, to have control over what we do, the products we use, and the kind of atmosphere we create in the salon. I wanted it to be much more fun and less formal.”

It’s a vision that has brought customers flocking to the salon and seen the business grow rapidly – expanding to offer chairs to four freelance hairdressers on a full-time basis. “I think the fact that everyone loves working here makes a big difference,” she said. “We’re all friends and friends with our clients and that, as much as providing a great service and great products, is what has made the place a success so far.”

Based on a busy high street, the salon is surrounded by a wide range of other independent stores, bars and restaurants, and that community feel has also help Rebecca establish the business.

“Being on the high street is definitely beneficial. Our customers are mainly local and we have a couple of parking spaces and lots of other shops around, so people might come to us then off to a few other shops. It just makes it more of a destination for people.”

At the same time, Rebecca has worked hard to create a business that has something for everyone, and every budget. “Obviously, the services we provide, from cuts to extensions, have to be spot on every time, but it’s important to remember that not everyone can afford the top end products. So, for instance, we are the only Redken salon in town, which gives a bit of an exclusive feel, but we also stock other top quality products that aren’t so expensive. So there is really something for every budget.”

That focus on professionalism, with fun, and great products has worked like a charm according to Rebecca: “We have quite the regular client base now, but we often get new ones from walk ins. That’s another benefit of a high street location, but you still want to turn them into regulars, and most end up doing exactly that.

“More than anything, I think they come back because it’s fun to be here. There’s lots of banter and it doesn’t feel stuffy at all. We’re always professional but at the same time try to create a really natural, friendly, fun atmosphere so everyone feels comfortable. The salon is a place where people can come and enjoy themselves, or relax away from daily life for a bit – and leave looking and feeling great.”

Rebecca is rightly proud of her business, and that she has managed to realise her vision so quickly.

“I’m really proud that, within a year, we’ve got to the stage where are all fully booked all the time. We get lots of repeat business because people like it so much they want to come back. That is incredibly rewarding.”

Of course, hair salons face a range of quite specific risks associated with products, treatments and allergies, and Rebecca knows that insurance is vital to her peace of mind.

“We’ve all got public liability insurance in case something should go wrong, though of course we take every precaution to protect customers. At the end of the day, it’s about protecting what we’ve created, the business we all love, so we can relax and get on with doing a great job in a lovely, friendly environment.”


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