Crucial Halloween Cover Without a Scary Price Tag

Posted 15/10/20

This year has undoubtedly given us more frights than any of us could have ever imagined. With Halloween around the corner, now is the time to start planning your socially distanced celebrations, but it’s essential you have the right cover in place, should anything go terrifyingly wrong.

As the number of local lockdowns increases, intimate household affairs will replace large gatherings, and spooky pub-crawlers will no doubt be tucked up well before midnight.

However, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy some ghoulish fun for your customers - both instore and online - while you maximise seasonal revenue opportunities with some Halloween business marketing ideas.

If your business is active on social media, use it to tell customers you’re open for business, promote your products, run competitions or special offers. Encourage some fun engagement: sharing spooky recipes, for example - a quarter of Brits (25%)1 tend to buy a pumpkin for Halloween, that’s almost 17 million pumpkins that will be purchased in preparation for Halloween this year, anyone for pumpkin pie?

Many eateries are now offering takeaway and delivery, so don’t forget to publicise your delivery options and reduce queues by encouraging customers to place their orders and collect in-store. Share your COVID guidelines to reassure any guests dining in that they’re coming to a safe environment.

Retail and hospitality businesses with premises can have some fun with Halloween window decorations; think about embracing social distancing rules with welcome messages like: ‘We’re not that scary really, but do keep your distance when you come inside’.

However you celebrate the spooky season, don’t forget it’s still important to protect your business from risks. We have all aspects of insurance covered, and our prices aren’t scary at all.

Protecting Your Business, Your Staff and Your Customers

If you employ staff, you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance in place. Accidents happen, so while your team are enjoying the seasonal fun, should the unthinkable happen and someone is injured or falls ill in your premises, this cover offers peace of mind.

We are all too familiar with completing risk assessments right now, but even with the most stringent measures in place, things can still go wrong. Pumpkin displays, ceiling decorations, and edible ghostly goodies all present risk of injury or illness. Should a member of the public sustain injuries or fall ill on your premises, or allege they have suffered injury or illness caused by something purchased from you, public and product liability policies will cover your costs and losses if a claim is made against you.

Cover for Incidents That Come Back to Haunt

After the celebrations have ended, if you are presented with a Halloween-related claim in the future, professional indemnity cover will protect you. But beware, your cover needs to have been in place at the time of the event to provide protection, so act now to protect yourself from future claims.

Don’t Let Cost Frighten You

At smei, we could save you over 15% on the price of your insurance2 and due to our various payment options available, you can choose to spread to cost over the course of the year. That way, you know you are protected, and exactly how you will manage your protection beyond Halloween over the year ahead, regardless of how scary it may seem right now.

Smei has years of experience and extensive knowledge in protecting businesses. To find out more about the insurance protection we are able to arrange, call us on 0330 134 4564 or click here to get a quote.  



2. We randomly surveyed 54 new business policyholders (12.5%) with insurance start dates between 12 April 2019 and 1 August 2019. 93% made a financial saving by moving to smei, with an average saving of 15.96%. This data excludes commercial and residential insurance for landlords.

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