Premier Barrowford Convenience Store

How does a hard-working family business put convenience at the heart of the community?

We caught up with Sathiyasuman and Naveena, owners of Premier Barrowford Convenience Store to get the low down on running a successful business together.

The husband and wife team are relatively new to the industry and opened their shop a year ago, Naveena explained. “After working in someone else’s shop for a number of years, we decided to open up our own convenience store together.” 

The duo are proud of all of the hard work they have put into to keep the business going and love seeing the successful store it has grown to be. All without a holiday they were quick to point out!

“We opened the shop on a busy high street and the majority of our trade comes from passers-by” Naveena said. “Our trade tends to be seasonal, with our busy times being in the summer months when people are out walking in the local area and call in for drinks to refuel.”  

When discussing the perks of running your own business Naveena described the benefits of the independence and freedom that comes with being your own boss. “You are the one that makes the decisions on the products you stock and the hours you open your shop. There is no one else to answer to, apart from each other of course.”

As with many of our High Street Heroes one of the biggest factors affecting the business is the rates on the high street, which can be significantly higher than other areas of towns and villages.

Sathiyasuman added, “Although these rates are high, we wouldn’t consider moving off the street for the sake of a cheaper shop. Our customers are what makes us want to stay where we are. We love the locals and there is a real sense of community.” Sathiyasuman also added that “the high street is a better place to be for most businesses.”

Naveena explained that “high streets are there to serve the local community, as is our shop. Customers call in and quickly grab what they need. There is no need to go to supermarket, we make it easy for them to grab and go.” Sathiyasuman added, “The supermarkets encourage you to spend more, we believe customers save money by shopping locally.”

When considering any risks that may be connected to the business, Sathiyasuman commented that “business insurance for me is about having the correct cover in place so that we have that extra level of reassurance. We already have a good security system and alarms, but you just never know when you many need the insurance.”

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