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How Bolstering Your Security Can Protect Your Business

March 19, 2024

Having to think about your business security might seem challenging amid the myriad of other tasks at hand. However, safeguarding from shoplifting is essential. 
Here are just a few strategic measures you can implement to ensure you're prepared and protected as much as possible.

Security Guards

Investing in security staff can be a game-changer for your retail store or pub, providing additional surveillance and acting as a deterrent to potential shoplifters and thieves. Having guards present can help in both catching and preventing theft as it happens. If you are based in a shopping centre, you are likely to be able to benefit from the security team onsite.

However, if you're running a small business on a local high street for example, the cost of professional security might be out of reach. But that doesn't mean you're left unprotected. There are other ways to mitigate the risks through CCTV and other affordable security measures such as ring door bells.


If you install surveillance cameras these can help you detect theft in real-time. The footage can also serve as evidence for law enforcement or if you need to make an insurance claim for any losses you’ve incurred. The presence of CCTV systems can also deter opportunistic shoplifters who will be wary of being recorded.

If your business is already equipped with cameras, it's worth considering their strategic placement. Key areas to monitor include entry and exit points, as well as any specific hidden zones within your premises that are frequent targets for theft.

Exterior Lighting

The risk of theft extends beyond your business hours – especially during holiday seasons that often see a surge in after-hours break-ins, especially while you’re holding more stock in your shop. It's essential to have robust locks and shutters in place, but adding exterior lighting can further discourage unlawful entry attempts.

Motion-activated lights are a cost-effective option that can significantly bolster your security. Considering the potential risks, investing in exterior lighting could be a wise decision.

Cash Handling Procedures

While many small businesses are shifting to electronic payment methods, some businesses still operate using cash., Therefore, it’s vital you pay close attention to your cash management practices.

Ensure all cash is removed from the premises after closing or invest in a robust safe. This can mitigate the impact of any potential break-ins. It’s also worth displaying notices in your window that cash is not kept on-site overnight. This can help deter opportunistic thieves.

Staff Training

Every member of your staff should be well-versed in your security measures. This should include recognising and responding to potential theft and the steps to follow when a shoplifting / theft incident occurs. Conducting practice drills are a great way to prepare your staff to deal with actual theft scenarios.

With the right preparation, fortifying your business security can be very straightforward. One of the best measures you can take, especially if you own a small business, is to take out business insurance to safeguard your investment and give you peace of mind.

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