The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in Britain in 2018

By smei

Posted 31/10/18

The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in Britain

The UK is home to many old and unusual hotels, so it’s no wonder some of them are reported to be haunted. We’ve gone on a tour of the most haunted hotels in Britain to help you decide which ones to visit this spooky Halloween!

  1. Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Over the last 800 years Chillingham Castle has acted as a prison, a torture chamber and a place of battle and siege as a stronghold between England and Scotland. This bloody history has led to it being described as one of Britain’s most haunted buildings.  With ghosts including a lady in a white and a witch who haunts anyone who steals from the castle. The latter is supposedly evidenced by letters from light-fingered guests who have returned items! [1] [2].


  1. The Georgian House Hotel, London

Horror movies often rely on creating the sound of ghostly children to raise a chill in their viewers, but these effects are said to be real at the Georgian House Hotel in London.  People have heard the sound of phantom children running around and playing in the hotel, along with blasts of icy air [3]. Eek!


  1. Brook Red Lion Hotel, Essex

It’s fitting that one of our hotels would be based in Colchester, one of the UK’s oldest towns.  The Brook Red Lion has three “known” ghosts, including a murdered chambermaid, an eerie monk and a small boy who is said to have appeared in a guests photograph [4] [5].


  1. The Drovers Inn, Loch Lomond

The Drovers Inn, Lochend, has a particularly sad story behind one of its hauntings. A young family, facing eviction from their land, headed south to make a new life in the Scottish lowland. Their journey was ended by a snowstorm, and they froze to death trying to make it to the safety of the Drovers Inn. Their ghosts are said to haunt the paths surrounding the hotel in an eternal search for cover, sometimes arriving at their final destination inside the hotel [6]. 


  1. Ettington Park Hotel, Warwickshire

The impressive Ettington Park Hotel, Warwickshire is said to remain home to several members of the Shirley family, who lived in the mansion from the recording of the doomsday book in 1086 until the 1960s. Ghosts include a dog walker, an elderly woman and the architect who designed it.  You may recognise the house as the location of the 1963 film The Haunting [7].


  1. Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

If any hotel deserves to be haunted it is the Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook, which has a particularly gruesome history. In the 17th Century, rich guests started to go missing after visiting the Inn. About 60 guests disappeared before it was discovered that the owner had set up a trap door in one of the bedrooms which allowed them to dump guests into a vat of boiling water as they slept [8].  


  1. Craig y Nos, Wales

Heading to Wales we find Craig y Nos castle; a former hospital and theatre said to have been cursed from the moment it was built. One alleged ghost, a transparent lady who haunted the stairs, has since been discovered to be the shadow of a statuette on the roof [9].  However, other ghosts that guests have reported seeing include the famous musicians Adelina Patti and Gioachino Rossini.  The castle is available for ghost tours and sleepovers for anyone brave enough to visit!


  1. The Golden Fleece, York

The Golden Fleece in York is said to be host to as many as 15 ghosts, including a grumpy old man, a world war two airman and a troop of Roman soldiers. There’s even a photograph that appears to have the ghost of a landlord in it [10]!  


  1. Ballygally Castle, Northern Ireland

There are a number of reporting hauntings a Ballygally Castle in Co Antrim, with some mediums having said they felt the presence of more ghosts than live guests. However, the creepiest story has to be of the couple who reported that they had attended a medieval-themed fancy dress party during their stay at the hotel, only to find out that it had never happened… [11].



  1. Cabra Castle Hotel, Ireland

To finish our tour of the British isles we arrive in Kingscourt Co Cavan in Ireland, where guests have suffered a fright in the Cabra Castle Hotel. Reported ghost sightings include a screaming child, a ghostly horse and carriage, and even an other-wordly argument between the former owners over the sale of the castle! [12]


Would you be brave enough to stay at one of the UK’s most haunted hotels this Halloween?


















Posted 31/10/18

Author: smei

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