Celebrating Pizza With These Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Takeaway

By SME Insurance

Posted 09/02/18

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The origins of Pizza

Italian baker Raffaele Esposito is often credited with inventing pizza as we know it [1]. Pizza was already popular throughout the Mediterranean but was considered a peasants meal, a way of using up leftover ingredients. The legend is that when King Umberto I and his wife visited the slums of Naples in 1889 Raffaele was tasked with cooking them a meal. The pizza he created was red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil) to match the Italian flag. The style of pizza was a hit with the King’s wife, and to this day is still named Margherita in her honour [2]. Whether it is true or not is still being debated, but it’s a great story if it is!

Making History

It is believed that the first ever online payment was for a pizza and dates as far back as 1994 [3]! In 2010 pizza made history one again as part of an online payment, this time in the first ever Bitcoin (BTC) transaction. A developer bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC – the amount, which was then worth a reasonable £30, is now valued at a staggering £79million [4].

Pizza in the UK

The UK pizza industry is huge; with 49% of us eating it weekly and a total spend of £2.9billion every year – £1,125,000 of that on takeaways alone! Unsurprisingly, the most popular day for eating pizza is a Saturday, and the most popular topping is pepperoni – unlike in Japan where the number one choice is squid [5]!

Pizza and Crime

At times pizza has played a pivotal role in catching a bad guy. In one case a woman was able to alert police of an attacker who was still inside her home by dialling 911 and pretending to order pizza [6]. It also played a part in catching the prolific American serial killer Lonnie David Franklin Jr. (the Grim Sleeper), when the police used a half-eaten slice of pizza to get hold of his DNA [7].

The Race to Space

In 2001 a pizza was delivered to the International Space Station (ISS)! This was no simple task as it involved a year of collaboration between Russian food scientists and a popular takeaway chain. The vacuum packed pizza had to be small enough to fit into the space station’s small oven and withstand a 60-day testing process – which pepperoni did not pass, leaving salami to take over as the main topping [8].

The Pizza Superhero

Did you think “Antman” was the most far-fetched superhero? Think again! In 2011 Frankie Muniz played the lead role in a film called “Pizza Man”, where he plays a boy who is forced to eat a genetically modified tomato. He uses his new found powers to save the world from an evil corporation [9].

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Posted 09/02/18

Author: SME Insurance

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