The 10 Most Haunted Pubs In Britain

Posted 31/10/17

Haunted Pubs

With such a vast array of pubs that are centuries old, it’s no surprise that some also are said to have ghostly guests wandering around the premises. We’ve done some spectral investigations to find the most haunted pubs in Britain. Would you pay one a visit?

1. The Mermaid Inn [1]

The Mermaid Inn in East Sussex is believed to be home to a lady dressed in white who is often seen in room one. The lady was reportedly murdered by smugglers and often sits in a chair by the fireplace. Guests have reported leaving clothes hung over the chair during the night only to wake up finding them soaking wet. There are also reports of the woman walking through doors and wine bottles flying off shelves.

2. The Golden Fleece [2]

The Golden Fleece has the well-earned reputation as the most haunted pub in the country. Based in York, the pub’s most famous ghost is Geoff Monroe, a Canadian airman who died in 1945 after falling out of a window at the pub. Guests have reported multiple sightings of Geoff who often pulls away bedding, runs around the pub and appears in full service gear.

3. Jamaica Inn [3]

Jamaica Inn is well known for Daphne Du Maurier’s eponymous 1936 novel and the recent, mumble-y, BBC adaptation. But it’s also said to be incredibly haunted. Used as a base by smugglers and pirates alike, there are stories of the sound of ghostly hooves, an apparition of a murdered spirit and a malevolent highway man who walks through locked doors. The inn was featured on “Most Haunted” in 2004 and the crew said it the one of the spookiest episodes ever [4].

4. The Skirrid Mountain Inn [5]

The Skirrid Mountain Inn is nestled in the heart of Abergavenny and is one of the oldest pubs in Wales. The name of the inn is derived from welsh for “shiver” (“ysgyryd”) which says a lot about the kind of spooky inhabitants you can reportedly find at the inn. Thought to have existed during the Norman Conquest in the 11th century, the inn was previously a courtroom and an execution place with a hanging beam. Guests have claimed to have seen victims of the rope wandering around the pub.

5. The White Heart Inn [6]

As with other pubs on this list, The White Heart Inn in Edinburgh has a long history. The oldest pub in central Edinburgh, it dates back to 1516. The cellar seems to have the concentration of most activity with sightings of a dark shadowy figure, a detached pair of legs and doors slamming shut. The ghosts also like to detach beer taps and wind staff up by moving barrels around the cellar.

6. The Ostrich Inn [7]

The Ostrich Inn in Buckinghamshire has roots dating back to 1106 and once had a landlord whose behaviour was reminiscent of Sweeney Todd. In the 17th century the landlord, Jarman, and his wife would murder wealthy guests in their sleep by tipping them through a trapdoor in a boiling vat of liquid. Around 60 guests are thought to have been murdered before the couple were caught so naturally the inn has its fair share of ghoulish sightings.

7. The Anchor Inn [8]

Canedown in Essex has a history of witches but The Anchor Inn is in fact believed to be haunted by a young woman named Sarah, who has no link to “the craft”. Sarah became pregnant after an affair with a wealthy landowner whose wife wasn’t too pleased. She ordered Sarah to be locked out of sight in the building that became The Anchor Inn. After giving birth, Sarah was murdered and the pub’s patrons often report sounds of a crying baby and flying kitchen knives.

8. The Grenadier [9]

Belgravia’s The Grenadier was built in 1720 to house the Grenadier Guards. The upper floors were an Officer’s Mess and the cellar was a drinking den for low ranking soldiers. Rumour has it that a soldier called Cedric was caught cheating at cards and was beaten to death. Landlords and customers have heard mysterious footsteps in empty rooms, moans from the cellar and objects inexplicably moving. In one case a policeman from New Scotland Yard reached into some smoke only to quickly pull his hand away to reveal a cigarette burn.

9. Ye Olde Man & Scythe [10]

Ye Olde Man & Scythe has its ghostly goings-on linked to the Civil War. Established in 1251, the pub is supposedly haunted by the Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley. Stanley was a dedicated royalist whose family originally owned the inn. The nobleman is rumoured to have spent the last hours of his life at the pub before being beheaded in 1651 towards the end of the Civil War and the chair he sat in before his execution is still in the pub today. There have been multiple sightings and videos of James Stanley.

10. Ye Olde Starre Inne [11]

Another York watering hole, Ye Olde Starre Inne is reportedly haunted by two black cats. The cats are said to have been bricked up in a pillar between the door and bar. Dog owners who stop by for a drink have witnessed their canine pals growling and snarling at the pillar. One dog even managed to knock itself out after it bolted towards the pillar! The cats are thought to have been buried to ward off bad luck but they seem to be making things worse.

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