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Wholesalers Insurance

Whether Your Wholesale Business is a Specialist – From Fashion to Food, and Furniture to Plumbing – or a Multi-Sector Distributor, we can Help you Find Tailored Insurance Cover.

As an insurance broker we have access to a range of cover features, from a variety of insurance providers – therefore we search on your behalf so you get the protection you need.

You Could Save Over 30%*

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Why Wholesale Insurance is Important

Wholesale businesses are vital parts of the supply chain. All types of businesses – from fashion retailers to furniture stores, plumber merchants to food retailers – rely on wholesale for stock, when they need it. The failure to deliver on time every time, whatever the cause, inevitably has serious consequences for those further down the chain – as a result, reputational damage and loss of custom is likely to happen next.

But so many issues can affect day-to-day operations – serious incidents affecting storage and distribution, utility failure and so on. That’s why ensuring you have effective wholesalers' insurance in place is so crucial. Peace of mind is knowing you have all those risks covered – so your business and your reputation are protected if something goes wrong.

Those risks don’t end with property and logistics of course.  There are people risks to consider too – injuries to staff or visitors on site – damage to stock, vehicles, goods in transit, legal expenses and book debts too. The list goes on.

The right commercial combined wholesale insurance can cover all these risks and more – with one main exception being goods imported from the Far East without a rights of recourse agreement with the company abroad. But doing it yourself can be time consuming and risky if you don’t know exactly what you need or understand the finer details of the cover being offered. Peace of mind comes from calling on experts who are able to guide you to the right cover, at the right price.

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At smei, we make buying wholesalers' insurance as easy as 1, 2, 3. We’ll help you work out what cover you need and do the leg work to gather quotes, to help you find the insurance cover you need, at the right price – quickly and without fuss. Contact us to find out more.

Premiums from as little as


In the last 12 months our customers have paid as little as £1377 per annum for wholesale insurance. That’s just £26 per week!

50% of our wholesale customers paid less than £9,662.28 per annum.***

* Please click here to view our pricing disclaimer.

** Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

*** Data compared from 36 policies sold in 2023. 20 customers paid £1377.43 or less, which represents 56%. £26 per week is based on the annual premium divided by 52 weeks. However, paying monthly is usually more expensive as you'll pay interest. Amounts are rounded up or down to the nearest £1.

You Could Save Over 30%*