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Warehouse and Storage Insurance

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Why Insurance is Important for Warehousing and Storage Providers

Warehousing and storage businesses must navigate a complex set of risks to protect themselves against the unexpected. 

These risks include incidents affecting that all-important warehouse or storage facility—without which there is no business.

But incidents affecting your building—from fire and flood to theft—also directly affect customers. They trust you to store their goods or possessions safely and securely. Being able to respond quickly if something goes wrong is as much about your reputation as any physical damage or loss.

Then there are the liability risks associated with injury to people—staff and customers—on your premises, however unlikely they might seem.

On top of this, you should consider risks to goods in transit whilst in your care and don't forget the impact book debts can have on your business.

That is why it's essential to have the right warehouse liability coverage and warehouse stock insurance in place to protect against these risks. Finding the right cover need not be complicated or time-consuming if you turn to one of our experts for guidance.

What is Business Storage Insurance?

Many businesses have adopted new cost-efficient practices over recent years, embracing remote or hybrid working resulting in office closures or premises downsizing. Storage for equipment, tools, and products has been reassessed based on availability and cost.

Businesses using their premises for storage space can add business contents insurance to an existing business insurance policy. But using bespoke storage units will require storage insurance to protect against the specific risks associated with storing items away from home or business locations.

Also known as self-storage insurance for business, this policy will protect against various threats, including fire, flood,  theft and lightning.

How Much is Warehouse and Storage Insurance?

The cost of commercial storage insurance and warehouse insurance coverage really depends on your businesses needs. Setting up a bespoke policy keeps you in control and you can ensure you only have cover for the things you really need. The cost of the policy will also depend on the value of the products being protected.

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You Could Save Over 30%*