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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Small Business Vehicle Insurance

As a broker, we’re here to help you find the insurance you need to keep your business moving, by protecting your business and commercial vehicles should things go wrong. In fact, we’ll help make finding the right small business vehicle insurance – for single vehicles, or fleets of up to eight ‒ as easy as one, two, three.

Why Small Business Commercial Vehicle Insurance is Important

If you rely on one or more commercial vehicle for the normal running of your business, you’ll know that incidents and accidents can be disastrous. From theft and third-party damage to misfuelling and lost keys. Mishaps that take a business car or business van off the road  can disrupt everything from deliveries to the simple job of visiting customers.

Whether your commercial vehicles are cars or vans, a mixture of both or more specialised, keeping them on the road may be vital to your business. Covers like small business car insurance, small business van insurance, commercial truck insurance, small fleet insurance, and light goods vehicle insurance are there for eventualities just like these, and to help get you moving again, quickly.

Of course, the protection offered by commercial vehicle insurance doesn’t end there. It should also protect you if an accident leaves you liable for injuries sustained by a third party, covering legal defence costs and for damage to third party property. There are also those driving your cars, vans or LGVs to consider too. The right commercial vehicle insurance should also offer personal accident cover and help pay for medical expenses following an accident.

Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance for small fleets can also make managing your vehicles easier. For instance, small business fleet insurance gives you a single policy covering all your vehicles, with one renewal date – which is much simpler than managing several separate policies. What’s more, when you insure or renew your small business fleet with smei you get help to find the right cover at the right price – and we’ll get everything set up and ready to go quickly.

Get a Small Business Vehicle Insurance Quote

Peace of mind comes with buying the right insurance, at the right price – quickly and without fuss. So let us help you find the small business vehicle insurance, small business van insurance or small business car insurance you need to protect your business. We will help you make the whole process as easy as one, two, three - so get in touch today for a quote.

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*Optional cover may depend on insurer.
**Standard and optional cover may differ dependent upon insurer.

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