Cattery Insurance

Finding the right insurance for your cattery, to make sure you and your customers’ cats are covered if something goes wrong, doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.

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Dog Walker Insurance

Protect your dog walking business, your customers, and their furry friends from unexpected mishaps. We will help you find the right dog walker insurance at the right price.

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Kennel Insurance

Take the stress and worry out of buying kennels insurance. Get the cover you need quickly and without fuss. We’ll make protecting your peace of mind as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Pet Boarding Insurance

Let us help you find the right pet boarding insurance, at the right price – quickly and without fuss. We will make buying your pet boarding insurance as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Pet Groomer Insurance

Find the right pet groomer insurance, at the right price – quickly and without fuss. We’ll take on the job of working out the cover you need.

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Pet Carers and Groomers Insurance

At smei we will search a broad range of insurance products that meet the needs of a range of pet care providers – catteries, kennels, pet boarders, dog walkers and pet groomers – and all can be tailored to individual needs.


Catteries Insurance

As a broker, we will help you find the right insurance for your cattery, to make sure you and your customers’ cats are covered if something goes wrong – quickly, easily, and without fuss.

Dog Walking Insurance

Work with us to find the dog walking insurance you need. We’ll make it easier to find the tailored cover you need, at the right price.

Kennels Insurance

Make light work of finding the insurance you need to protect your kennels business, and your customers’ precious dogs, should the unfortunate happen.

Pet Boarding Insurance

We help you find the pet boarding insurance cover you need quickly and easily, to ensure your business is protected against unexpected mishaps.

Pet Grooming Insurance

We can help you make finding the right pet grooming insurance easy. You’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is properly protected.


About the Pet Carers and Groomer Industry

The pet care and grooming sector is a big business, serving up to 49% of all UK adults, and their 20 million pets[1]. Indeed, it is estimated that pet owners spend at least £7.16 billion on their animals every year[2].

Of course, every cattery and kennel, dog walker, pet boarder and pet groomer is different, from size and location to the services it offers – but all face a broad range of risks. Premises and pets must be protected, while working with animals creates risk for staff and visitors.

In the end it is up to business owners and managers to think about these risks, and arrange insurance to help defend their businesses, staff, and their customers, against unexpected incidents.


Why Insurance is Important for the Pet Carers and Groomers

Regardless of the pet care and grooming sector your business is in, it is important to understand the risks to your business, staff and customers, and prepare for them.

Pet care insurance offers tailored protection for catteries, kennels, pet boarders, dog walkers and pet groomers. One of our expert brokers will help you to work out the insurance you need, as well as making clear if any aspects of your business fall outside of that cover.

Business insurance covers a range of risks that can affect the pet care and grooming industries including, public liability, employers liability, and product liability. Then there are additional covers that you may need, like buildings and contents cover, and business interruption. If, for instance, a fire damages your building and disrupts the normal running of your business, business interruption can help to cover lost earnings until everything is back to normal.

You may also want to cover stock or equipment theft, loss or damage, while pet care and grooming covers can also protect against illness or injury befalling pets in your care, and even help cover the cost of finding lost animals.

We're passionate about protecting small businesses. So, no matter whether yours is a cattery, kennel, pet boarding, dog walking or pet grooming business, speak to an insurance expert about taking out the cover you need to protect your staff, customers and livelihood should the unforeseen happen.


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