Any business should recognise how important and beneficial Google can be. Not only is it a search tool, allowing your potential customers to find you but when used in the right way it can be a platform to promote your services or products.

In the past, setting yourself up on Google hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks, especially with the number of different products that are available. However, with the combination of Google+, Google Maps and Google Search, you now only have Google My Business, one product to help businesses manage their presence on the powerhouse that is Google.

So what does it do?

One of the main benefits of Google My Business is that people can find your business and it is free to do. It enables you to edit information about your business that relates to searches, this includes the address of your company, physical location on the map, the distance from the user to the business and the opening hours. In addition to the maps service you can update your current customers and contacts on your news using Google+.

As well as these already hugely helpful tools, Google My Business allows you to respond to any reviews that have been left on Google for your services or products as well as find out how customers are locating your website in the first place.

How does it look?

After setting yourself up (a relatively straightforward process) and you access the website ( you will find several different applications for you to explore.


Where you can share news, photos, links, events and videos that promote anything new coming up in your business.


Here you can reply to any reviews that you have received as well as read through them.


After your business has been verified you can then learn more about the engagement of your audience. This is an incredibly useful tool if you think you need to make any improvements to your visibility.


A quick route to the Google Analytics dashboard.


Here you can start or join voice or video conversations.

For any business who wants to boost their online revenue using Google, Google My Business really is one of the best tools to use and just to make it even more user friendly, there is a mobile version that allows you to access your business applications whilst you are on the go!

We hope that with this article you have learnt more about Google My Business and just why it is a potential must have for busy businesses! What could be better than the opportunity to promote and advertise what you can do for your long term clients as well as prospective customers using one of the biggest and most recognised search engines around.

Don’t let your business fade into the background; bring it up to date and allow people to Google your business!

“Marketing Your Business Online” guide produced by Enjoy Digital Communications in conjunction with SME Insurance Services.   This article discusses the products and services provided by Google, however there are other companies providing search engine products and services. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any third party websites and your access and use of such websites or services is at your own risk.

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