Online Marketing Tips for Hair & Beauty

We’ve outlined how you can grow your presence online to really make a difference to your salon business, and helping you & your clients stand out from the crowd

Research from Career Pilot, shows that the hair and beauty sector is rapidly growing. Employing over 1% of the whole UK workforce and with over 50,000 hair and beauty salons, spas and consultants, rising by 21% in the past 4 years, the industry has never been more competitive (

In this ever-changing industry there are clear opportunities for your salon to grow, particularly online to assist your overall business objectives. So we’ve produced a guide to marketing your salon business online, which aims to assist you in grabbing a bigger slice of this growing market!

You may want to build a fantastic online presence to engage customers searching for hair and beauty services, utilising the online world by improving your digital, SEO and social media presence and strategy.

We’ve created several guides to help you get started; offering tips on building a successful website, social media presence and SEO visibility, to help you successfully build and manage your business online.

When it comes to marketing your salon business online there are two important areas to keep in mind:

  • Website optimisation
  • Ratings and reviews

Both of these form the basis for your online marketing strategy, and when used correctly can help catapult your business away from a somewhat saturated market and towards a whole new level of success! Whilst you are experts in making people look and feel great, we have expertise in creating marketing strategies; and we have used this expertise to put together this article (and our digital guides), to provide you with some hints and tips to help make your business a success.

Why Do I Need an Online Presence?

If you were looking for a local plumber or perhaps someone to fix your car where would you start? A few years ago we might have grabbed the telephone directory; but now we are more likely to grab the tablet, laptop or a mobile phone and pop the search term into a popular search engine.

This means that no matter what time of day, no matter where in the world you are, your business can appear in searches ready for the customer to contact you.

Having an online presence means that you can be found; you can be seen and ultimately you can appeal to your target customers as well as communicating with your loyal ones too.

A website is also a tool whereby you can promote your latest offers and promotions, as well as create a buzz around a new product or package that you have in the pipeline!

When creating your website it is important to look at whether it is mobile friendly too, as many customers are likely to view your site from their mobile phones whilst out and about.

We also highly recommend an online booking form to make the booking process that little bit easier for your customers, as well as meaning that they can book their next appointment with you at any time of day.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

So, you have all the grand ideas for your website; you have put hours into the layout and design and you are ready to welcome some visitors. But where are they? How come you are seeing a non-existent amount of traffic rather than the rush you envisaged?

Our question to you would be, have you taken into account SEO? If you meet us with a confused look then we know that you are yet to delve into the world of SEO.

Simply put, SEO is the way for your business to be found within search engine result listings. When you type in a particular request into Google (for example), the results you are given will be related to your search phrase. The way Google finds the best results is how closely the content on their website matches your search phrase.

SEO is a tool to ensure that you appear as high up in the search listings as possible and it has a variety of different contributing factors to keep in mind when assessing your own SEO:

  • Website design.
  • Website content.
  • Keywords.
  • Social media.

Whilst some people see social media as having a negative impact on our social interactions as people, for businesses it is a powerful promotion tool able to expand your marketing area and gain yourself some new clients with minimal effort.

Social media, in whichever format your decide is right for your business, is a way to communicate with your customers, whether it is to promote a product or perhaps an offer, or maybe even just to make sure that the fun and friendly nature of your salon is reflected to your customers.


It seems that over the past few years blogging has become increasingly popular, at least in the world of self-promotion it has. How many websites have you seen that feature a blog relating to the brand, service or industry?

The blogs can be light-hearted and fun. Just having these posts shows customers that you are keeping on top of your industry, and that you have knowledge on the up and coming products or treatments that maybe other salons do not have.

Blogs don’t always need to relate directly to your business, however as long as you can pop some keywords in there and make it interesting to read you could be on to a winner!

Ratings and Reviews

The internet not only gives you a chance to communicate with your clients and prospective new customers, it can also be used as a forum by those with experience of your business to review and rate your service.

It is important that you are aware of the feedback that you, as a business, are receiving, and take steps to rectify any complaints or suggestions that have been made. Just remember to take any criticism as constructive and remain positive and professional in your response.

So there you have it; our short summary about the world of online presence and how to best use yours.

Want to know more about how the online world can improve your salon business? Why not download our informative, in-depth guide and see how online marketing may be the boost that your business has been searching for.

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