Support Your Local Pubs Whilst Cutting Down on Alcohol

By smei

Posted 10/01/18

According to recent a recent poll 3.1million people will take part in Dry January (or #Dryanuary) this month, as reported by The Metro [1]. The Dry January campaign, which is run by Alcohol Concern, encourages people to quit drinking for the month to help raise awareness of alcohol dependency and “reset their relationship with alcohol”.

It is reported that there are many benefits to reducing your alcohol intake, these include a healthier liver, blood cholesterol, and quality of sleep,  as well as the chance to lose some of those excess Christmas pounds and save money.

Cutting out alcohol for a month may be the kick-start some people need to reassess their drinking habits, however it’s thought to be healthier to moderate  your intake over the year than stop completely for a short period of time,  and that might be easier to stick to in the longer term [2].

With this in mind, research from Oxford University suggests that people who live close to a good pub are not only happier, with more friends and a greater sense of satisfaction with their life; they’re more likely to drink in moderation [3]. 

So, with British pubs facing a difficult time as it is, why not make it a dryer 2018 instead of a dry January and get out there to support your local independent pubs this month?  According to the latest reported figures, multiple pubs are calling their final orders every week [4], and with the number of public houses in the UK on a steady decline since 1969 [5] it’s important that we show our support before it’s too late.  

What is Tryanuary?

Tryanuary was launched in 2015 by blogger Andy Heggs to encourage people to support their local independent pubs, brewers and alcohol retailers in a month where people all over the UK tend to avoid them. This year it has been taken over by Tom Stapley, who runs Craft Beer Hour (#Craftbeerhour) on Twitter every week [6].  

Although you may be cutting down on your alcohol consumption this month, Tryanuary could be your opportunity to go for “quality over quantity” and try some new beers.

Want to get Involved?

Tryanuary has “champions” across the UK who will be putting on events for beer drinkers throughout the month. If you would like to get involved in a local event, try some new beers and perhaps even make some new friends, check out your area [7]. 

If You’re a Local Business

This year Tryanuary are launching local “Beer Days”, where pubs in different areas of the UK will be promoted every day on social media. If you’re an independent pub, bar or off license find out which day your location is covered and get involved for some free online promotion [8]. You can also reach out to your local champion if you’d like to get involved further [9].

There’s More to the pub Than Alcohol

Sticking to your guns this January and not drinking? You don’t need to avoid your local pub completely. Why not head over your local pub to sample other drinks on the menu – whether it’s a non-alcoholic beer, soft drink, or a cup of tea?

Pubs are great place to socialise and get out of the house to meet up with friends without having to play host. Many pubs these days will run quizzes, have board games or a snooker table to keep you entertained. There may even be some great events on, such as comedy nights, live music, or karaoke. 

So get out there and support the industry so that your local doesn’t have to call last orders anytime soon!

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Posted 10/01/18

Author: smei

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