We have many years’ experience of supporting tradesmen and contractors working in the building industry.

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Electrical Contractors

Using our experience and expertise, we’ve developed an insurance solution that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your business.

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Flooring Contractors

The nature of the work you do comes with its own specific risks, which is why comprehensive insurance is essential.

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Groundworkers are one of the first tradesmen on site, and your role is arguably one of the highest risk aspects of construction.

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Because the nature of your work is so varied and specialised, it’s essential that your insurance is equally flexible.

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Carpenters are highly skilled trade professionals, but that doesn’t mean accidents never happen, so comprehensive insurance is essential.

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Landscape Gardeners

Watching a project come to fruition is undoubtedly satisfying, but it isn’t without its risks, so comprehensive insurance cover is essential.

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Painters and Decorators

Our solution includes a wide range of covers for your property and materials, as well as any vehicle or plant, including items you hire or loan in or out.

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Plant Hirers

We’ve constructed a solution to protect all hired plant, while giving you peace of mind that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

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As a plasterer, you wouldn’t dream of starting work without the right tools and equipment. Arranging insurance is no different.

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Road Surfacing Contractors

Whether you’re a one-man band or you have a team of road surfacing workers, we are here to help.

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Tradesman Insurance

We have many years’ experience of supporting tradesmen and contractors.

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Window Cleaners

Flexible, Tailored Business Insurance for Window Cleaners.

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A gardener needs the right tools to do their job, and that includes the right gardeners insurance. Get on with your work knowing you’re protected.

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Even highly skilled trade professionals, can have accidents. So comprehensive joiners' insurance is essential.

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Civil Engineering Contractors

Comprehensive cover for civil engineering contractors working throughout the UK.

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Civil Engineering Contractors

Marsh Commercial’s Insurance for civil engineering contractors offers wide-ranging protection in a single solution.

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Construction and Tradesmen Insurance from Marsh Commercial

smei is part of Marsh Commercial, a UK award-winning expert in insurance and risk management, and part of the same business family as Marsh, a global leader in insurance-broking and risk management.

Personal service and advice are just some of the benefits of working with a specialist broker. Whether you’re a one-man band, or you have a team of people working for you, we consider your unique needs and the risks your business faces. This allows us to provide you with individual advice on the types and level of cover you need, so we can look to create a tailored policy especially for you.

In your line of work, you’re likely to have many time commitments. We want to help preserve your valuable free time, so why spend it sourcing various policies potentially from different providers to get the cover you require? By opting for Marsh Commercial's exclusive insurance solution for construction and tradesmen we hope to leave you with more time to focus on building your business and providing for your future.

Tailored Contractor Insurance and Tradesman Insurance from Marsh Commercial

As a specialist broker with many years’ experience supporting tradesmen and contractors in the building industry, we understand how your industry works and the unique risks and challenges you face in your working environment.

Our construction insurance and tradesman insurance solution has been built with a strong foundation, therefore containing essential elements that businesses like yours typically need. However, we know that each business faces its own unique set of risks and challenges, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. We individually tailor our policies to our customer’s needs – this includes offering a choice of optional enhancements to give extended cover if it’s needed.

With our experience in insurance-broking and risk management, you’re dealing with a reputable company with a focus on providing excellent customer care. We are as dedicated to providing customer care, as you are to your trade. This includes being available to assist with queries or issues you may have, providing risk management updates to help you manage and minimise risk, and should the unfortunate happen and you need to make a claim, our in-house claims team is there to support you.

For further information on our specialist insurance for construction workers and tradesmen working in the building industry, see our individual product pages above.

The Importance of Business Insurance for Construction Workers and Tradesmen

The risks and challenges faced by contractors and tradesmen working in the building industry are as varied as the different roles you perform. For this reason, our construction insurance and tradesman insurance solutions are flexible and adaptable so we can provide the business insurance that you require. Some elements, such as public liability, are essential for most trades. Others, such as plant hire, groundwork risks, and cover for completed dwellings awaiting sale are more specialised.


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